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Portrait of Wallace by George Jamesone (1589 - 1644), Cast of town seal of Stirling showing Stirling Bridge, Bruce maquette by Charles d'Orville Pinkington Jackson (1887 - 1973)

Scotland's Hero - William Wallace
William Wallace is one of Scotland's most famous historical figures. He fought for Scotland's independence over 700 years ago, leading his army in raids on English forces and in major battles at Stirling Bridge and Falkirk.  He was eventually captured and taken to London where he was executed in a brutal manner by King Edward I "Longshanks".  Wallace's brave struggle has been an inspiration to many over the years and his refusal to give up in the face of overwhelming odds has assured his place in the hearts and minds of Scots the world over.

2005 was the 700th Anniversary of his death on 23rd August and this site was created to tell his story.

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Bruce statue at site of Bannockburn battlefield, Wallace National Monument under the arch of a rainbow, Stirling Castle Palace


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